Guidelines - revised for 2021

We are a small Foundation with funds from the royalties generated by performances, broadcasts and publication of the works of composer Michael Tippett (1905-98). When he set up the Foundation, Tippett said he wanted the funds to go towards young musicians and composers, not towards promoting his own works.

As funds are limited the Trustees have decided to focus on one area of musical activity as their single priority, described below.

Key Points

Single priority:
the development of group music making especially involving young people, with composing central to the project.
See more: What we might support and What Trustees want to see.  
Size of grants:
grants may be between £500 - £3,000. The average grant is around £2,000.
See more: What we might give  
one meeting a year in the autumn, deadline September.
See more: When to apply  
How to apply:
In 2021 applications are required in electronic format only, with a short covering email, attached project description of max length 2 single A4 pages, plus single page project budget.
See more: Applications should include  
instruments, equipment, recordings, individual study costs, retrospective applications.
See more: What we cannot support

What we might support

What Trustees want to see

For an application to be successful the Trustees will pay particular attention to:

What we might give

Grants are likely to be between £500 and £3,000, with the average grant in the region of £2,000. All grants are made on a one-off basis - award of a grant in one year does not carry any probability of repeat funding the following year.  
Because demand is so much greater than the funds available, only a minority of applications can be supported – in 2020 the success rate was one in nine applications.  
The Trustees will be cautious about considering a small grant from the Foundation towards a project on a significantly larger budget scale.

When to apply

The Trustees normally hold one meeting a year, in the autumn. In 2021 the deadline for receipt of applications will be Thursday 30 September. Projects for consideration should be planned well ahead and not start earlier than January 2022. Applicants should consider how projects might be delivered in case of continuing distancing rules.

Applications should include

1. A short covering email clearly identifying the organization and individuals/s applying, the sum requested and the names and contact details of two referees willing to support the application.

2. An attached Project Description (maximum length 2 single-sided A4 pages) for presentation to Trustees, covering the following areas. Please note: overlong applications will be cut.

3. An attached project budget on a single page, showing estimated expenditure and anticipated income from all sources, including grants and applications to other bodies, with explanatory notes if needed. The Trustees understand that a grant from the Tippett Foundation may be only one of a number of different funding sources.
Additional information such as biographies of project leaders can be sent as separate attachments.

4. In 2021 applications should be sent in electronic format only by email to: Attachments might be in doc., docx, pdf, xls or xlsx. If you want to provide sound/visual evidence then give a weblink but please do not incorporate media effects in your application.
All applications received will be acknowledged.

What we cannot support

The Trustees regret they cannot consider requests for funding towards

  • purchase of musical instruments or equipment
  • individual study, research or maintenance costs
  • computer hardware, software or accessories
  • general performance costs
  • recording projects
  • commissions for solely professional performance
  • capital purchase or development
  • general appeals
  • projects already completed

Please observe these policy guidelines and do not apply for projects outside the priority area. The Trustees will not be able to consider additional requests, and applications beyond the priority area will not be submitted for consideration.

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